Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Discovery and Helping Others

Tonight, Riley found out this blog exists. He couldn't believe I had done such a thing...And without his input. He was appauled and had a huge grin on his face at the same time. He doesn't like the picture I picked. He will be working on updating it with a much cooler or "boss" one.

Riley was introduced to 30 Hour Famine at our church youth group last night. He's excited about "Going Hungry So Other's Don't Have To". But how does a kid with diabetes go without food for 30 hours? I called our CDE and they very quickly got back to me and commended Riley for his desire to help others while sacrificing his own comfort. And informed me that he could definitely participate and to use glucose tablets (considered medicinal, not food) and to check his blood glucose every 3 to 4 hours.

If anyone has experience doing these fundraising events where no food is involved, please let me know. Interesting predicament, normally it's all the food at events that causes much thought to figure out how to dose insulin when not during meal times (ie birthday parties, club meetings etc). Since Riley doesn't use a pump, we usually do less insulin and food at the previous meal and hope the event includes physical activity to cover the snacking.
The Ennis' are always looking for a new tradition to add to our family get-togethers. This blog is our newest addition. We welcome you to enjoy our goings-ons as much as we are.
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