Friday, January 11, 2013

30 Day Media Fast

Not fast as in fast forward, but fast as in to do without.

Our youth group is doing their annual overnighter tonight. I am not there because I seem to have caught a bug. Not the flu that is running rampant all over the United States right now, but a little sore throat, head congestion and a touch of a sick stomach.

The night will include a worship band from a nearby college, laser tag for three hours in the middle of the night, root beer floats and a showing of the documentary Captivated. I just watched it and it is powerful. I am looking forward to Tim and Riley getting home in the morning and see if we're all on the same page. Or at least that Tim and I are on the same page - the page is that we as parents need to take control of the television (we don't watch much tv, but unplugging will show us how addicted we may be), xbox, iphones, and Kindle. There is definitely some addiction issues to the middle two.

me watching the documentary and the whole house went dark
A strange thing happened while I was watching this documentary about unplugging from media. Our power went out. So the only electricity running in the whole house was this laptop with Captivated showing. Tim's work computer and phone - out. Riley and his friend's Xbox game - gone. Reid's television - blank. That's a pretty strong message. And I got it loud and clear.

On a completely different media note - I can't upload pictures here anymore. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Picking Favorites

Thursday - my favorite day

  7:15 am   bg 135   eat breakfast, inject insulin, go to school
10:30 am   no idea  call home because feels sick (nausea etc...whatever it takes to get out of school)
11:00 am   still ?     call home again because we haven't come to pick him up
11:30 am   bg 81     on the way home with his parents who finally picked him up
11:40 am                 feels dropping, eats 15 CHO of grapes then hungry eats 30 CHO crackers/cheese
12:00 pm   bg 87     watches UFO stories on cable wrapped in Gramma's down comforter
  6:00 pm   bg105    what what?? perfect 
  9:20 pm   bg 120   you're killin me

Reuben is his favorite
Friday - Riley's report about his day: great day; smiled and laughed all day.

Wait, whoa...what about being ticked off at the world, failing a Spanish quiz, forgetting your math homework, annoyed by all my questions, wishing you had cooler parents?

Making sense of it all - hormone drop? Could it be that the hormones wreaking havoc on his insulin resistance and his attitude have taken a vacation?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year - New Diabetes??

Screw Diabetes.

That's a direct quote from me after yelling at Riley that he needs to learn the lesson of insulin dosing before he eats! We just ate dinner celebrating my father-in-law's 71st birthday. Riley had his own pizza and Caesar salad. Before dinner he tested, bg was 293. *Important background information: For lunch he had a pretzel from a kiosk at the mall and a bottle of water. Then we divided and conquered Christmas returns and birthday gift shopping. Riley went with his dad and Reid with me. I assumed he tested and dosed. I was wrong. He did neither. When we got home from the mall at 4 pm, bg was 351. He corrected with 5 units of insulin (1:50).

Back to the story: I told Riley not to correct for the 193 he was over his goal because we already made that correction an hour and a half ago. Just dose for the pizza was the plan. Riley was sitting at the other end of the table with his Grumps (birthday boy) and Aunt and Uncle. When we were walking out, Tim asked me if Riley dosed. I thought..."that's a weird question, I was sitting across from you, four people and a diagonal line across from Riley, how would I know and of course he did". That's a lot of thinking without saying a word in reply.

Then we're driving away to go eat more carbs to celebrate the birthday. Tim asks Riley if he did his insulin. The reply? no

I freaked out. Something along the lines of ..."Your number before dinner was high, like 293, and then you proceeded to eat a carb heavy meal of pizza? Have you lost your mind? How could you not have dosed? You are going to test right this minute and see what your number is. That will teach you a lesson".

Bg? 223

How could 5 units of insulin at 4 pm with a bg of 351 bring his sugar down to 223 with pizza added to the mix over an hour before? Oh yes I thought of that, too. Pizza has a delayed rise...But no way. Who got taught a lesson here?
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