Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Left Field

 Endo appointment went well. We didn't actually meet with the doctor. Their new schedule plan is to alternately meet with the doctor one month then the Nurse Educator the following appointment in four months. And the Diabetic Nutrition Specialist at each visit. Ho- hum meeting with nutrition nurse. Sharpened a few ratios, suggested more protein in the diet and we were sent back to the waiting room for the next meeting with the CDE.

I was excited when my favorite nurse came and sat to check in on us. Our scheduled CDE was with a new patient so did we have any questions for f.n.? The DNS covered everything....except she generally asks about Riley's interest in the pump each time we meet and he categorically says no before she finishes her sentence. I suggested f.n. go through the same motions with him. He replied as expected. F.n. asked, "Why not?" Riley described some ridiculoulsy bloody fear that the pump's needle would get accidentally torn out of it's spot and rip his skin apart half way across his body and be totally disgusting. F.n explained with the help of a set of twins that were sitting in the waiting room with us wearing their
pumps, that there is no needle attached to the pump. It may get pulled out, but it wouldn't hurt too bad.

Favorite Nurse-taking advantage so quickly that
I'm surprised I was able to get this picture
The twins were funny. "Yeah we wrestle, yeah we get hurt, but not from our pumps."

Brilliant f.n. (favorite nurse) asked Riley if he would let her  attach an infusion set. Riley looked at me and said, "For the new xbox game." I said .... yes! I had just said no fourteen times before f.n. arrived.

Attached to nothing but courage
We were whisked into an exam room, f.n. grabbed a couple supplies and before he could object...wisk, bam, boom.

He was very proud of himself, as was I.  Such a closed mind opened in a split second. It was right out of left field. I rather like it there.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Not actual bag...stand in that
doesn't make me cry
Another child at our school has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. That brings the total to 5. There are only 300 and some students.

I stopped by my daughter's lunch table to say hello and see how the newly diagnosed kid was doing. I had to say something. I saw the camouflage bag. I asked him how he was. "Good, my mom just stopped by to check on me. I'm fine," he said.

The camouflage bag. Something caught in the back of my throat. I couldn't finish my sentence.  I just wanted to know how the transition to school was going. There was no stopping the quickly forming tears. I couldn't speak.
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