Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Survived Camp and Riley Did Too

It is Saturday morning! We are leaving to pick up Riley in 25 minutes. His numbers looked great. His activity level got his nightime insulin (Lantus) down to 3 units-that was the only insulin change I needed to make all week.

He called me on Wednesday night from the health aide's phone because his bg was 250. I loved hearing his voice. He asked if he should increase his Lantus because it was around 10:30 pm. That was awesome, he saw a number and had an idea of how to adjust it.  I reminded him that his before breakfast number was 120 that morning, so it was not necessary. Because they had just finished Capture the Flag or such activity, his bg number would drop on it's own.

Also, the pictures the camp posts online during the week look like Riley was having an awesome time.

When I stopped by the camp to drop off some sugar-free drinks/Crystal Light drink packets AND did not talk to him, all the kids had just finished dinner and were heading to the pool for noodle sparing. Two kids from different teams stand atop inner tubes with some mesh across the hole and spar with noodles, basically trying to push the other off their inner tube. I was there standing 30 yards from the pool and was able to see Riley win - on a technicality - but win, nonetheless.  And then eat a few starbursts without testing.

I can't wait to hear all about the week, by asking a million questions in rapid fire style. To which he will put on his headphones and pretend not to hear me.

NOTE: I will not be bringing his headphones.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Don't Talk to Me

Dropped night time insulin by two units and
mealtime insulin by two units to compensate for the
heavy activity schedule as well as the heat.

Camp bg numbers so far:

dinner    bg 156
bedtime bg 217
bkfst      bg 145
lunch     bg 158

How did I get these figures from camp, you ask?

The health aide (no nurse or medical personnel on staff) texts them to me! I gave her four pages of information related to managing Riley's diabetes yesterday when I dropped him off.

  • Page 1 - their meal schedule for the week with my added carb counts from Calorie King and other sources
  • Page 2 - log to keep track of each bg test, carb count per meal and insulin unit amount injected
  • Page 3 - list of low symptoms and treatment procedure & list of the supplies and where they can be found in the dining hall. (ie back up insulins in the refrigerator, testing supplies/snacks/ketone strips/glucagon in the plastic bin and ice packs (one for each day) for bg meter in the freezer)
  • Page 4 - our contact numbers and MUSTS for Riley: kit in his knapsack on his back with fast acting candy & lists of when to contact me - bg over 200 in the morning, bg over 300 anytime, a low under 65 and any insulin injection error
Also left a 1 cup measuring cup for cereal and pasta and a bottle of lite syprup for the breakfast goodies that will sky-rocket his blood sugar. And an old 33oz water bottle for sharps storage.

As I said goodbye, leaving him in the hands of a 19 yr old health aid, I tested the water by saying I would see him Wednesday just to check his numbers and make any insulin changes on my way to a job in a nearby town. I had to say it twice to really get his attention to which he replied, "OK, but just don't talk to me."

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