Friday, February 8, 2013

Endo Appointment Looming

Throwing caution to the wind right before Endo appt
Not to be a band-waggoner. But, I do not want to go this quarterly appointment. I used to look forward to these appointments. During the honeymoon phase, the topics were light coffee table conversation that felt more like a light applause for catching on so well.

Now it's all "that a1c is sure coming up" and "you have to have tried to inject in your belly once a week by the next appointment" and "do you know that Nutella is all sugar?"

It is making everything stressful.

Me: The numbers have to look good for the doctor, Tim.  We have to get the carb:insulin ratio right, right now!
Tim:  I know they were high when Riley was sick, but they're better now, right?
ME:  NO, no they're not. Did you see that 464 the other night?

Me: Riley, what's up with the 464 the other night?
Riley: Um..I dunno. I didnt want to tell you because I know you'd freak out.

Where does he get this from. out?!

Then, last night 130 at 9 pm before bed and 59 around 10 pm. That's just stupid.

Plus, I may have said some things that sounded like other people (Tim) need to pay closer attention while I'm working so much these days right before the quarterly Endo appt.

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