Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wrap Up

This week included:

  • Mid Term Exams for Riley (Bible, Math, History & English)
  • Eye doctor appointment for Riley
  • Girls group meeting for Reid and I (American Heritage Girls)
  • Dental appointments for Riley and Reid
  • Business travel out of town for Tim
  • 9:00 pm indoor soccer game on Saturday night


Studying for exams with Riley is like .... something I can't describe. I never want to do it again. But here I sit taking a break from Spanish and science quizzing/study assistance. And, oh yeah, 10th grade and beyond. I'm sure he will do it on his own then. Or maybe have a girlfriend, who really cares about grades and wants to help him study. This is a true possibility, right?  A girlfriend and a girlfriend who like to study.
I meant to take an actual picture, but didn't
Next eye-opening event - diabetic retinopathy exam.
Riley needed to have an eye exam because his frames had broken  for the 13th time and it was time to get bigger ones anyway. Since it was less than a year since his last eye exam, I was told the eye doctor would code this exam as a diabetic check-up and it would be paid by our insurance. It was old hat. We've done this a few times now and I had nothing to worry about until I saw the the doctor purse her eyebrows as she was looking through the equipment pictured on the left. She did it for both eyes. I suddenly felt sick. My stomach turned. In my head, I was screaming, "Wait this is just routine stuff...nothing's wrong here!" Then she finished, everything looks great. Very normal.

Indoor soccer at 9 pm. Very exciting. I'm excited for Riley to have the opportunity to become a better player. Improve his game for the fall season at school. Diabetically speaking, it's very strange. This was the second week of games on Saturday night, last week was at 8:30 pm. We knew what to do. Riley tested before we left the house to see if his bg was below 150 in which case he would eat a snack. It was 233. Perfect number to start a soccer game, I guess. The players each play about 5-7 minutes then come out and sit awhile, then head back in. I would think that the excitement of the game and the total minutes of play time would drop his blood sugar by at least 50, right? When he got home and tested, it was 280. What?!? Now what do we do? Correct and then have it plummet overnight when his body realizes the exercise/excitment or not correct at all?  We just dosed for Lantus (night time insulin). This morning his bg was 113.  That is definitely comment-worthy. I let his bg remain that high with only Lantus to correct which works over a 20 - 24 hour period.

The Ennis' are always looking for a new tradition to add to our family get-togethers. This blog is our newest addition. We welcome you to enjoy our goings-ons as much as we are.
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