Wednesday, August 8, 2007

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August 9th is Dad first Oncology appointment.


Anonymous said...

Am I the first!!! You know that Michael and I are both praying for you and offering any support that we can..........pralines might help!!! Call on us for anything. MAHF

Joyce/Greg Patti said...

The VLOG is wonderful!! I think this is great--cheers for Bonni for all the hard work! My rosary beads have been clacking and we have all our fingers and toes crossed for easy news today. We love you both! Just tell us what you need. xoxo

Esther Schaeffer said...

This is great! A wonderful way for us all to keep in contact with you and what's happening in this phase of life's journey. We're continuing to pray and trust God for His will in all things. We know His grace and strength are sufficient! PTL!!! Lots of love,

LeRoy Christian said...

Hello Ennis.....what hole are you at now??? 9th hole! I'm at the 19th hole waiting for a chat with you. Great thing about golf is the fellowship at the 19th hole. Wonder if the 20th hole is when we meet Jesus! Praying for you as you pray for me. Your buddy...LeRoy

jjanbob62 said...

We obviously know each other better on as well as off the stage since our motto may be very similiar...when on the stage there is time to act and time not to act!
Regardless of the bad news we heard about you but you have pointed out to us it ain't so. I will go by your advice.
At least we are glad to get to know you, Glenda and your family.So God bless you all.

Janice Couch and Bob Dillman

Nancy Rarus said...

Beautiful picture of you two with the grandkids! Bill, as usual, you're funny.

Hugs galore,


Anonymous said...


From a fellow Deaf Texan as a cancer survivor to another, my prayers and thoughts are with you all the way. I think your family support is wonderful!


Carlene said...

Bill, Glenda and family,

Thanks for posting this! You all are in our thoughts. Hoping for some positive news this afternoon.

Carlene and Randy

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks to Nancy Rarus for forwarding your blog. loved it. You and I had a wonderful history of playing football against each other. I have always loved your stories, the smiles that you and Glenda have, and the kind of disaster at IRS training that I was involved with. smile.

All the best, you both deserve the best life has to offer.

Jim and Holly Macfadden

Benita Fager said...

God is good all the time! All the time, God is good! You show it with your life. You are in our prayers. You and your family are very special. We thank God for knowing you. Thanks Bonni for keeping us "posted"! Benita, Mike, John Michael and Hannah Fager

JLo said...

Sending you hopeful, healing thoughts for a comfortable, restful day.
You sure know how to bring on the smiles!
You are an inspiration to all of us...
Sending a little prayer your way...
God bless you and yours...

Jo Loeffler (Late Robert A. Loeffler)

Lloyd said...

Thanks for sharing your VLOG/BLOG(as well) Nice lovely family gathering.Glad to know you and your family..Glad you think in positve

My thoughts will be with you and your family

Terry Davis said...

I am still laughing from Bill's wonderful performance on Wednesday night. You are definitely in our prayers, please keep us informed about things. Love Terry and Lynn

Esther said...

We are thrilled to hear this very encouraging news and are praising God for how HE is working in all this. Love Bill's positive spirit and the picture of him golfing....what a guy! We'll keep praying and trusting. Lots of love....keep looking up!

Leighann said...
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Leighann said...

Praise the Lord for the good news! Lots of love.

Sharon Staehle said...


You and your family are in our thoughts and paryers. Hang in there. May God be with you.

Hugs, Sharon and Dave Staehle

Jean Boutcher said...


I have been one of your favourite
fans when I first saw you on
stage in NAD Conference in Ocean City. Now that I saw you on the
blogsite, I see that you remain
the same guy as an upbeat guy. I love you!

Hope you will become the deaf
Tiger Woods!

Jean Boutcher

Fr. Tom Coughlin said...

I was stunned to learn of Bill's illness. I am
reminded by the words of St. Paul: "No man lives for himself, no man
dies for himself...we all live and die unto the Lord." I can imagine
the shock you and the rest of the family may have when you found out
about Bill's illness. I offered a Mass for Bill's health and I pray
and hope that there will be a miracle for his healing. If not, then
may God spare him of suffering and pain associated with this
illness. Kindly give me your home address so that I can send a
card. My prayers and thoughts are with you....and also when I
learned of Bill's illness, I thought of Sharon immediately. Maybe
she is anxious to have her beloved family members with her in the
Kingdom of God, smile. We will be with her sometime soon. With love
and prayers in Christ, Fr. Tom C.

Dave Windley said...

What a wonderful way to keep your long time fans updated. Thanks to my Deaf folks Jim and Nancy Caddell for sharing your VLOG address. Former students and colleagues turned fans, had all but lost contact with you, one of the greatest teacher/storytellers ever to set foot on our campus. Seeing your smile before the camera brings back fond memories!

I am so glad to see how powerful fellowship, camaraderie and Love are working together to pull you through the most trying of times. Rest assured you are loved and we are with you all the way. Take good care and get well soon!

In your travels to Baltimore(Hon) remember TT Diner isn't far from Hopkins. I will gladly treat you to dinner when you are in the area. All I ask is that you bring the ice cream. Your hand packed selections tantalize my taste buds better than anything on their dessert menu. ;-)

Hugs 'n Smiles,
Dave Windley

Anonymous said...

Dear Bill:
Thank you and the family for the blog updates.
We all love you and are praying hard for you and your family.
warm hugs
Eileen Paul

Barbara Kannapell said...

I believe in the power of the prayer. I will pray for you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bill:
Thank you and the family for the blog updates.
We all love you and are praying hard for you and your family.
warm hugs
Eileen Paul and Barbara Kannapell

Mark Lowenstein said...


Keep us all posted on what the Lord is doing in your life and the lives of those that loves you! Since you put your full trust in the Lord and FEAR ZERO about anything, you continue to be an inspiration to us all!

Ecclesiastes 3 is one of my favorite Scripture reflecting life itself. There's always a time for one thing and a time for another.

You're in our thoughts and prayer! May the Lord be with you all as He always have been!

Anonymous said...

Bill and Glenda~ Our thoughts are with you. As you probably know, Patrick was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. He has gone through all the treatments and is now considered "cancer-free." It was a difficult journey for both of us but we only came out of it stronger than ever. If anyone can do this, you can! We send warm New Mexican hugs full of red and green chile to kill those darn cancer cells.

Warmly, Pat Ercolino & Jen Herbold

Anonymous said...

Hi--You are in my thoughts and in my prayer--feel like to play "guts" as I played guts with your son recently (in Iowa. take care, C Hardy

Tammy Shemanske said...

Hi Bill

Long time no hear or see you. It was good to see you on video. Remain same old Bill!!! Remmie of old times at IRS!! Just heard the news about you and you are in our prayers. I went thru the same thing with my both parents also. Its hard but knowing you have beautiful families and friends to support you and family.

Stay strong!

Daisy Miller said...

What a wonderful way to keep everyone up to date on Bill. We are continuing to pray and know that God is able to do more than we can ask or think. Praise the Lord for the good news as to the treatment. Daisy

Bob & Diana Hickey said...

Hi Bill,
The picture of you show us with your favorite iron 4...You are incredible guy who can hit 300 yards with your iron 4 while Tiger can't. I am sure that you and Glenda have been enjoying with your grandkids every moment as well as we do with little three boys. Our prayers are with you. George Stewart, our old coworker at IRS is back to work with me again. Hope to see you guys soon.
Bob and Diana Hickey

Carol said...

Hi Bill and Glenda,

Its so great to be able to go into the Blog and find out whats up with you guys! I hope you are having a great trip and visit with family and friends

Carol Cohen

Bill & Carol Tipton said...

Hi Bill

It is me, another Bill. Carol and I are praying for you since we heard the news. Even OBDC prays for you and ur family. Jesus is the ONLY answer to the healing process and resurrection of life to those who acknowledge that He is the Lord of the Universe.
Ur BilLOG is great. Keep it up for latest news. I have been waiting and looking forward to seeing you playing golf with us, Deaf Seniors and demonstrating that u are no Tiger Wood.

Hang in there. Keep the faith, brother. We're behind you all the way!

Bruce Harris said...

Bill -

I just heard. Marilyn and I are praying for you and your family. Hang in there.

Bruce and Marilyn Harris

Jordan said...

You look the same so I am very sure that Lord guide you into rightous path. I love your vlog and your lovely family. I admire you so much. Remember my one-leg dance in past. Way to go!! You look great.

Jordan Johnston

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