Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Latest from Glenda

This is our 5th week in Pennsylvania. We are being spoiled rotten by Bonni and Tim. It's wonderful to be close to family with the grandchildren running around. Billy, Natalie and Liam come often to visit on weekends since we live much closer to them now.
The good news is Bill seems to be responding well to the new environment here. A recent blood infusion gave him a boost of energy. He went to his first captioned movie last week and we all enjoyed our local Mexican restaurant together on Valentine's Day.
Hospice comes often and their goal is to bathe Bill-but his goal is not be bathed by someone else! He is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. When the aide's plans fail, they help Glenda tidy up their 'cottage'.
Glenda reads every book available and has found a morning ritual coffee place that suits her just fine. She is looking forward to planting a little garden in the back yard when spring comes. Bonni and I have been enjoying the farmer's market every Friday. It has a touch of the Amish tradition and makes me feel welcomed to Pennsylvania. They have the best pies in the world as well as donuts, lemon bars, eclairs and so on...We pick out something special for Bill each week.
We are much closer to all our Northern Virginia and Maryland friends again. We really enjoy the visits.

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johanna said...

Aunt Glenda,
we are praying for uncle bill. we love you all. you deserve all the spoiling in the world.

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