Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Survived Camp and Riley Did Too

It is Saturday morning! We are leaving to pick up Riley in 25 minutes. His numbers looked great. His activity level got his nightime insulin (Lantus) down to 3 units-that was the only insulin change I needed to make all week.

He called me on Wednesday night from the health aide's phone because his bg was 250. I loved hearing his voice. He asked if he should increase his Lantus because it was around 10:30 pm. That was awesome, he saw a number and had an idea of how to adjust it.  I reminded him that his before breakfast number was 120 that morning, so it was not necessary. Because they had just finished Capture the Flag or such activity, his bg number would drop on it's own.

Also, the pictures the camp posts online during the week look like Riley was having an awesome time.

When I stopped by the camp to drop off some sugar-free drinks/Crystal Light drink packets AND did not talk to him, all the kids had just finished dinner and were heading to the pool for noodle sparing. Two kids from different teams stand atop inner tubes with some mesh across the hole and spar with noodles, basically trying to push the other off their inner tube. I was there standing 30 yards from the pool and was able to see Riley win - on a technicality - but win, nonetheless.  And then eat a few starbursts without testing.

I can't wait to hear all about the week, by asking a million questions in rapid fire style. To which he will put on his headphones and pretend not to hear me.

NOTE: I will not be bringing his headphones.


katy said...

that sounds like fun!!

Bonni said...

Katy-I would have rather been sitting at a picnic table the whole time!

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