Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cold Caught

138 Fri breakfast
255 Fri lunch
301 Fri dinner
343 Fri bedtime

211 Sat breakfast
397 Sat lunch
262 Sat dinner
260 Sat bedtime

222 Sun breakfast
247 Sun lunch
248 Sun dinner
232 Sun evening check
266 Sun bedtime

240 Mon breakfast
202 Mon morning check
306 Mon lunch
  84 Mon afternoon check

Riley got sick over the weekend. You can see where it started on the schedule above. Right between breakfast and lunch on Friday morning. Sore throat, croupy cough, no fever though.

Then he got better. Sometime Monday afternoon. Or maybe we finally got the insulin carb ratio right to cover the insulin need during his cold.

Difficult to dose now. At dinner we kept the same higher dose, thinking we got it right as shown above. But after two hours, lots of loud carrying-on (symptom of low for Riley) - he was 71. Ate 10 CHO homemade protein bar, tested 70 bg. Ate Belvita 36 CHO and chocolate almond milk 13 CHO, at bedtime he was 180. This morning 240. So...still fighting cold or need to up Lantus??? Then send him to school and hope for the best, ughhh.


katy said...

You're so on it! This is amazing!

It is interesting that he got better kind of suddenly AND his BGs changed so suddenly. I like this. Makes it seem so...rational.

Bonni said...

Katy-I cant be sure he wasn't eating cookies and conversation hearts all weekend. But I am surw he had a sore throat. So it is still as irrational as we have become accustomed.

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