Thursday, January 10, 2013

Picking Favorites

Thursday - my favorite day

  7:15 am   bg 135   eat breakfast, inject insulin, go to school
10:30 am   no idea  call home because feels sick (nausea etc...whatever it takes to get out of school)
11:00 am   still ?     call home again because we haven't come to pick him up
11:30 am   bg 81     on the way home with his parents who finally picked him up
11:40 am                 feels dropping, eats 15 CHO of grapes then hungry eats 30 CHO crackers/cheese
12:00 pm   bg 87     watches UFO stories on cable wrapped in Gramma's down comforter
  6:00 pm   bg105    what what?? perfect 
  9:20 pm   bg 120   you're killin me

Reuben is his favorite
Friday - Riley's report about his day: great day; smiled and laughed all day.

Wait, whoa...what about being ticked off at the world, failing a Spanish quiz, forgetting your math homework, annoyed by all my questions, wishing you had cooler parents?

Making sense of it all - hormone drop? Could it be that the hormones wreaking havoc on his insulin resistance and his attitude have taken a vacation?

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