Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Night 2007

On December 13th, Dad met with Dr. Peri to discuss the CT scan from his 3 month check up. Dr. Peri told him that the cancer had grown by approximately 20-25 percent in all 3 areas. Needless to say, we were stunned and confused. While dad's neuro-endocrine cancer is supposed to be non-agressive and slow growing, the last 3 months show something very different. Treatment options are limited and we're waiting to hear from Johns Hopkins about getting Dad admitted into a program they are currently running to test some cancer drugs.

At the time of his appointment Dad had been struggling with his health, which had been in decline since Thanksgiving. We're thrilled to report that shortly after his appointment he started to feel much better. He is slowly gaining strength and his appetite had returned. Your prayers and support are sincerely appreciated and still needed.

Christmas at the beach was special this year and Mom and Dad celebrated with: Glen (Dannyboy), Denise, Bonni, Tim, Riley, Reid, Billy, Natalie, Bear, Johnmark, DJ, John Jr., and Grandma Jo. We hope and pray that your Christmas was as meaningful and joyous as ours.

Our family has recieved so much support and love from people near and far. We are eternally grateful. We encourage you to send comments to our website, which Dad loves to read.

by Billy


Anonymous said...


We haven't seen each other or heard from each other for almost 20 years.

I really admire your great sense of humor. I laughed out loud when you shared your sense of humor with us. You are the old same Bill!You haven't changed a bit!

Think of today, not tomorrow!

I enjoy your Vlogs. When you mentioned about going up to the Heaven, it reminded me of the play you performed at Gallaudet University. Something like DEATH!!!

Happy New Year to you and your family!!!!

Sandra Goldstein ( I am not sure if you remember me)...The famous butts were pinched by the butler, Art Tomlinson...

Judith and Phil Bravin said...

Hi dear all,
HAPPY 2008!
Thank you very much for sharing your funny vlog with us. We still remember your wonderful job as the Master of Ceremonies at the Miss Deaf New York Pageant years ago and you were the best!
You all are in our thoughts and prayers.
Snow hugs from snowy Vermont.

Dianna said...

Bill.. the blog you have shown us a great believer of God which I am proud to say you are right about celebration in the end is great.. my Prayers for you to stay well and happy.. May God bless you in every step you go as I know it is not easy but with Gods help you will make it great..

Dianna Elledge an ex classmate of 1968 with you in English and Math..

Puffin71 said...

Happy New Year, Bill!!!
Still laugh at you as your comments on Christmas 2007 are funny & cheerful. Like you said your weigh looked like one of Redskins linebacks - RT tackle but it went down & moved your position to the place kicker (I really laughed myself).

I never forgot about the plays I acted with you during MDAD conventions..Nathie, you and me acting fat family (eating lots of foods sloppy, remma that?)

Thank you for sharing your funny vlog. Pray for you dearly. Hugs..LCTom (class of 1971)

Angel said...

We are thinking and praying for you! Love, Angel & Kurt

Leighann said...

We love you. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Diana Kautzky said...

Hello from Iowa...

Hi Bill, Thank you for your wonderful VLOG on Christmas night. It is fun to watch your stories... you are so clear (like an actor ready for the camera) and I can see so many traits that William has adopted from you, his Dad. Family is a great thing and you have a wonderful one. I am lucky that I can say I have met almost all of you and feel very fortunate to know you. I love your message and want you to know that my whole family prays and thinks of you often. Set backs are only temporary. Take care and keep Vloging. I love it. Fondly, Diana Kautzky Tell William (Billy)and Nat hello. ILY. Diana

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