Monday, February 4, 2008

On January 25, we met with Dr. Peri and he explained that there is a new drug already approved and would soon be available for Dad to try in about 3 weeks. We are very encouraged by the development of this new prescription. Around the same time, Dad will have another CT scan and we will see if the tumor growth has continued or Lord willing, slowed down.

Dad is definitely feeling much better these days. He is exercising at the nearby recreation center, swimming laps and wearing out the treadmill. He is no longer taking the monthly Sandostatin injection. We all felt that the side effects of the Sandostatin out-weighed the benefits, which appeared to be minimal.

Thank you all for your continued prayers which are still needed. Dad has enjoyed the many visitors, emails and cards. We all appreciate your thoughfulness especially in your prayers.


Niki said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes!
I hope you are doing well and I miss you all very much!
Come play golf sometime in ALABAMA!
Roll Tide!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bill,
I hear about your health. I want to tell you that I had cancer uterus. I had surgery last May, 2007. I start taking chemo pills last June. It is already 9 months. I suppose to stop pills pretty soon. I went to see cancer doctor two weeks ago. He said that he is very pleased with me.
You and I have to keep our chin up.
Love, Alice

Sunshine70 said...

YO Hallelujah! The Great Physican is pleased with you leaving your Life in His hands in faith and is hearing our prayers. Bill you sure do look radiant this time. You are an inspiration and a great role model as well!
Whoo hoo keep on keeping on!
love 'n hugs to you and Glenda

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,
Even though I could only see the first 5 seconds of your vlog. The rest I couldn't for some reason.

I am really glad to hear that you are doing well in spite of what's going on with the progress of your treatment.

Wanted to drop a line to say BIG HELLO and HOW WONDERFUL it was seeing you at the Md/Del Baptist Retreat last November.

May God be with you and your family.

With Christ's love,
Ms. Katrina

Anonymous said...

Hey Ennis Folks,
Are you all alright? I noticed no updated information since February.

Hope everything is ok especially Bill! I would love to hear what's going on with him as of now.

I have been wondering about my performance, Did I do a good job on the stage last November at the MD/DEL Baptist Conference? You see, I was so nervious and not sure if I did well. I hope you did enjoy watching me performing what you did at the conoference. ;)

By the way, Happy Belated Birthday Niki!

Take care.

In Christ,

Soap Fairy said...

Hi Bill, Glenda and Billy,
This week just wasn't the same without seeing Bill at sign language class. I enjoyed reading your blog and when watching your VLOG, I realized you have a lot more teaching to do! I had to watch over and over to try to understand all the fast signing. I miss you, Bill, and thank you for all the time you spent teaching me. I'll come visit you very soon. Hope you are well and that your new treatment is helping.


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