Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally an update

Bill and Glenda are heading back to Delaware after Bill spent 2 weeks in Pennsylvania with Bonni's family. He had lots of family and friends come to visit in their new "lower level apartment". However, his visit ended with a stay in the hospital when he was diagnosed with pneumonia. He was treated with antibiotics and is feeling much better.

The trial drug Bill started in April is actually working - the cancer has stopped growing! He goes to bio-therapy treatments in Rehoboth every three weeks for about an hour. Between treatments, he has good days and bad days. We are hoping that a low hemoglobin level that discovered in the hospital can be corrected and he will bounce back with more energy.

Looking forward, Bill has a scan on Thursday and a follow up appointment with Dr. Peri on Monday(10-13). We are praying for God's continued blessing on this therapy and that we will see a decrease in the size of the tumors.


Alberta Couthen Stewart said...

So glad to get an update! Been checking the site for good news.
Praying for you all

Anonymous said...

I know what has transpired since you last vlogged and now Billy is having the baby ( i should say natalie!)

Take care and I love you (never mind what wifey says) alllllllll


Anonymous said...

My life is touched by this very person whom I know during my Gallaudet days. I feel loss deeply for his family and friends. I really appreciate having this vlog because I am able to catch up with what he had gone through since we lived on a different path of life but we have the heart and know the God as our savior until we meet again.

Bobby Skedsmo of Pittsburg, California, Class of 1968

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