Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Now Updated October 14, 2008

Friends and Family,
First, we want to tell you again how much we appreciate all the prayers and support!
Dad's most recent vlog is only a week old and already outdated. Some of you may have heard that he only has 2 months to live. We assure you that is not true. No timetable has been given to us from any of his doctors.
Here is the latest: Monday Dad and Mom met with Dr. Peri to discuss the results from the scan and the report was not as good as we've come to expect. His previous scans while on the trial drug have shown excellent responses to the treatment. Either the cancer remained stable or in one case even decreased slightly in size. The latest scan however revealed that the cancer has grown. As a result, Dad is no longer a candidate for the drug treatment he has been receiving since April. This decision was not made by Dr. Peri but rather a policy established by the doctors and scientists conducting the drug trial.
This news comes to us with mixed feelings. On one hand the news that the cancer has spread is certainly worrisome. Yet at the same time we're happy that he'll be ending these treatments. Chemotherapy of any type can really take a toll on the body. Dr. Peri is essentially giving Dad's body a rest from the therapy for 6 weeks. We're hopeful that Dad's good days will be better and longer and his bad days won't be quite so bad or often.
In 6 weeks, they will do another scan and decide from there the next course of action. The possibilities....Medical technology is amazing and rapidly changing. At the beginning of this family journey we were often told that there were no viable drugs or cures for this particular kind of cancer (neuro-endocrine carcinoid) but within 6 months a new drug trial came to us, which Dad was able to get into. And in one short year, new drugs and more importantly new combinations of drugs have appeared. Dr. Peri already has other treatment plans lined for Dad and based on the scan in 6 weeks, he will decide which way to go.
Dad is doing great this week and as usual is in great spirits. Since the beginning he has never been fazed by any of the news he gets. Always positive, always trusting God will take care of him. So we ask for your continued support and prayers that God continues his care as He has done the past year.

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