Monday, April 16, 2012

Bed and Breakfasting

We aren't really B&B people...but this weekend was our 5th visit. People like to give us the bed and breakfast gift certificates. Our first was the week after we got married almost 16 years ago. We didn't honeymoon, we B&B'd in Lancaster, PA. This one a gift from my husband's grandmother.

Next was our 10th anniversary. My mother gave us a night at the 5 Gables in St. Michael's, MD-my favorite so far and she watched the kids to boot.

Then we went to one in Middleburg, Va. I can't recall the name of that one but it's just beautiful there.  The highlight of that trip was a Morrissey concert at Wolf Trap, my husband was a big Smiths fan.

Time before last was Hamannasset in Chadds Ford, PA given to us from my brother and his wife as a Christmas gift bonus for all the help we gave them for their wedding a month earlier.

Finally, that brings us to this past weekend. We had two nights at Fairville Inn in Chadds Ford again. Lovely place and just a stone's throw from Longwood Gardens which we did all morning on Saturday.

In the newer Conservatory - hanging hydrangea balls...just beautiful

Pierce-du pont's 1st Conservatory in his original house. ahhhhh Wisteria

And to complete the pattern, this one was also a gift (groupon) from my brother and his wife for Christmas 2011.

That's a lot of gift certificate giving-I'm grateful. We had a wonderful time together. I didn't even worry about our kids who were staying with my husband's parents.

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