Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Candy, Cake, Cookies and Coins

This past week began with Riley's sister's birthday celebration with half of our extended family and Eclair Cake to top off the evening.

Then three days later, his sister's birthday party with her friends. Riley took a friend along, too. It would have been unbearable to drag a 13 year old to his little sister's 10th birthday party with 8 other girls. It was an awesome trampoline party, not a blow up bounce place, but a building with huge 20-trampolines-sewn-together-huge trampoline for free style jumping, then another for a humongous game of dodge ball while jumping and finally another for racing with another jumper into a big pit of foam and back! This evening was topped off with my personal favorite Dairy Queen's ice cream cake, you know the one with the chocolate crumbles in the middle. I didn't eat any though..on a no carb diet. And if this blog were about me, I would tell you I also didn't have the pizza because this is a serious competition with my husband kind of no carb diet.

DQ ice cream cake.
I think she is still jumping
Then it was Saturday already and we got together with the other half of our extended family for traditional Easter fun...but they gave dollar bills in their Easter eggs. I need to mention here that my brother and his wife have two kids, three and 1/2 and 20 months, and for my kids they got Hard to Find Eggs that looked like the landscape of the backyard-stone colored, grass colored, old leaf/dirt colored-it took 40 minutes to find them all with parental help. It was awesome! Not to mention how thoughtful to put money in those eggs instead of candy. I also avoided candy for his kids. I went with raspberry yogurt covered raisins.

This brings us to Sunday and Easter dinner at the extended family #1's house (first mentioned above). They too were thoughtful and put coins in the eggs and then gave the kids fishing poles as gifts with a bag of chocolate covered peanuts with no sugar added (carb count: 1/4 c = 15 g). There were some Peeps and chocolate Easter shaped candy, but they're having little pieces of them after dinner this week.

Moral of the story:  what looked a like a crazy week of carb counting, balancing and added exercise to keep it all kosher (pun intended) ended up pretty great! We have wonderfully supportive and thoughtful families. We are grateful for them.

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