Friday, April 27, 2012

We interrupt your regularly sceduled programming...

Last night, when Riley was doing his slow-acting insulin (Lantus) injection before bed, he realized at the too-late moment that he injected his fast-acting insulin (Novolog) instead. He was distraught! We assured him everything would be just fine. We went straight to the notebook we compiled from 20 hours of Diabetes Education. I remember the lesson about insulin mistakes, ie forgettting to inject insulin, injecting low-acting instead of slow-acting, injecting the wrong amount. I said out-loud in class after hearing a description of one of the errors, "That's impossible." "No it's not!" our educator replied. Sho-nuf.

The notes say to eat enough carbs to cover the insulin. How bad can that be? Riley had a little cup of ice cream (15 g), a cookie (I assume 15g-threw away the packaging too soon) and we added a tablespoon of chocolate syrup (15 g) for good measure. We made him promise not to make this mistake on purpose next time!

The question remained. Do we give the regularly scheduled Lantus after this? The notes didn't cover this question. Spouse says he read somewhere not to mix insulins-we figure that an injection of Novolog followed by an injection of Lantus an hour later constituted a mixing of insulins. I thought wait until morning to give the Lantus injection. But today is the beginning of the 30 Hour Famine!

So, we skipped it all together. He woke up with a blood glucose of 104 mg/dL. He totally carb loaded for breakfast this morning. The four us went out breakfast before school to use a Denny's gift card Riley got as a joke for Christmas. What's the joke? We were in California last year and while my spouse was working, I wanted to take the kids to LegoLand. Denny's in CA had a coupon for getting a kid in free for every adult pass purchased. So we drove to San Diego one morning for breakfast. Riley ordered himself the Make Your Own Grand Slam with turkey bacon (two orders of it). It might have been the highlight of the week's vacation.


Disaster avoided. We think. We'll see how high his numbers are today with the long-acting insulin on board. Then to further muddy the water (or blood), the fasting. It should be interesting. Tune in next time...

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