Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Riley's sibling, Reid was in the car with four other girls her age heading to a special choir practice about 30 minutes away from home. She was looking through the camoflauge bag I keep in the car with snacks, glucose tabs and juice boxes (just in case). I heard her say, "I wish I could taste a glucose tab." This caught my attention. I watched her in the rear view mirror answer all the questions that were aroused by her comment. She explained that her brother's blood sugar might or could go low (another child interrupted asking "Is it supposed to be high?") She continued saying that if it went to a number like 67, he would need to eat something sweet like the glucose tabs and added that no, your blood glucose isn't supposed to be high either. I added that I bet those glucose tabs probably taste like Smarties. 

I was proud of her. The way she described what she sees of her brother's diabetes care and control was matter of fact. She knew the answers. It took me back to that first week after diagnosis. None of us thought we would emotionally make it through. Now look at us!

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