Thursday, May 24, 2012

Catch Up

I still have things I want to talk (blog) about....What I Want People To Know About Diabetes /Day 5 and Saturday Snapshots /Day 6. Forgive me that I didn't keep up with the fantastic Diabetes Blog Week, I lost steam on Friday, right when I was getting good at this (in my own mind-that's all that really counts, right?)

I want to tell you every strange conversation I have had with people who talk to me about Riley's diabetes. From the death of fill-in-the-blank to the "easy kind of diabetes". But I don't have to because of Death of a Pancreas  where I found this HYSTERICAL video that contains every one of 'em. 

Maybe I could post it here instead of doing the linky thing above.

Oooh, I did it!

Snapshots of what T1D looks like at our house:

First bg check at soccer practice
Riley is under this group of onlooker team mates

This pack on his back is the "kit" as in "do you have your kit?"

random lancet
bg check at Massanutten water park


Leighann said...

i like the random lancet in the cup holder. i find medicine syringes in the weirdest places. :)

Bonni said...

I'm going to take pictures of all the places I find testing strips and do a photo collage blog some day soon.

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