Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Going To Camp

Riley has been to the same summer camp for one week every year since he was 8. I should add right now that it took ten years off my life dropping him off that day 6 years ago. Now, even his little sister has put in her third summer camp experience. The camp is about 22 minutes from our house, has a great staff and tons of their school/church friends attend.

At camp, 2 yrs ago-before D

Riley decided he was bored with camp and didn't want to go this summer. I was shocked. But he does tend to say he doesn't want to participate in some activity and then when forced has a great time. 

This time I didn't want to force. This isn't diabetes camp. This is regular camp. There are no licensed medical people. No one hired to watch my kid and be sure his blood glucose is in range, checking bg regularly, calculating carbs properly, dosing mealtime and evening insulin, considering the extensive activity and preventing lows.

We had a talk with Riley and explained he had to do something productive with his summer. Maybe golf camp - three hours each morning for a week. Something. Today, he said he would rather just go to camp - the one he goes to every summer! I am beside myself. It is no good being myself and next to me is so much worse.

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