Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

We're winning-why is he laying behind the hole?
 I have a great spouse. I adore him. He's an awesome dad.

We enjoyed an afternoon at my brother/sister-in-law's house, picnicking on the back deck, playing corn-hole (why has it become so popular again?) and eating a lot of good food.

Everybody (my in laws and my husband's brother and his wife and us) brought out the best in their own repertoire which means my mother-in-law made chili sauce for the grilled hotdogs, my sister-in-law bought a white cake with white icing and coconut from the local Wegmans.  And I made tomato pie and ordered an almond cookie that's the size of a cake.  All of this made for a fantastic gastronomic experience.

Then my team beat his team in corn hole. My team = Riley & I their team = Tim and Reid

Hottie on the left cutie on the right
My dad died three years ago after not so much of a battle with cancer for 2 years. Battle sounds like he and cancer went back and forth but he actually never had the upper hand. But he always had a great attitude. He was joy to care for in the last 6 months while he lived with me. He was a pleasure to spend time with. We had such fun. When he felt up to it, we would go to Wegmans and stroll around in his wheelchair while he picked out Valentine cards for my mom and I and a bouquet of flowers and a box of candy for her. We went to the movies a couple of times when Regal Theaters had open captioning on one of their films. My Dad has been deaf since birth. He came to a few of Riley's baseball games that spring.

During that time, I began this blog. Most of my parents friends are not local, so blogging/ his video-blogging kept everyone in the loop until the end.

We had tuna salad sandwiches at the cafe and did some shopping
Happy Father's Day to both my kids' father and my Dad. Two very special people.

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