Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer is here and ...

Everything is different now. Makes me not want to blog at all. I don't even want to read D-blogs except for Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes  I can't get enough of Katy.

I finally upped the evening (long acting insulin) Lantus last night, so the numbers look fantastic today. Which doesn't make me feel better, it worries me that tonight or tomorrow his bg will be too low.

Summer has been tons of fun while trying to get bg numbers under control-or at least under 200. That's a good goal, right?

We already went to visit Gramma at the beach. We were joined there by my neice and nephew, ages 2 and 3 1/2, and their parents. I tried to make it like a real summer vacation - we went to the beach, we went to the pool, we miniature golfed and had a huge Kohr Bros custard cone for $7. a piece at the boardwalk.  And because it is a tradition - Reid and I rode my dad's scooter to the grocery store. We do this every single time we go to my parent's house. My parents both got scooters shortly after retiring and moving to the beach. My dad's is a Vespa.
Vespa - So Cool!
I don't have a motorcycle license so I rarely rode it. Dad would limit my joy rides on his faster-than- mom's-scooter to just in the neighborhood. I ride my mom's Honda scooter all over Bethany Beach, Ocean View and even to Ocean City on occasion. No license necessary since it doesn't even go 30 mph. The scooter is absolutely one my favorite things. I ride it every time I go to the beach -when my dad was alive. Now three years after his death, I have only been to their house a handful of times but I ride the scooter. It takes me back to the fun times of all of piling onto the two scooters and going into town for the July 4th parade or to the beach. My dad would ride the Vespa with Reid in front of him and my mom on the back of him and I would have Riley with me on the yellow (Honda) scooter. Good times.

We also picked strawberries the morning before we headed home. The four of us, my mom, Reid and Riley and I picked almost 18 pounds-I have no idea what that means in the proper strawberry quart measurement. But it was a lot and they were delicious. I froze our bounty so I can learn how to follow a recipe and make jelly with them. That is my goal for one day this summer...eventually.


Leighann said...

The Vespa and the beach!!

Anonymous said...

How happy am I to be mentioned? So happy. How did I never see you before? Probably from dumbness. Thank you for reading me. I'm so glad I can read you now too! I can't wait to read this whole entire thing.

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