Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Slacker + Little G

I haven't kept Riley's food intake/insulin log since he returned home from camp - camp where he rocked it and kicked diabetes butt!

It might be time to get the log book out. Right before dinner last night he called down to say that he felt weird, tested and his number was some ridiculous number like 400. He corrected along with his dinner insulin (10 units) and was 168 within an hour and half. I believe he was 89 and dropping by 7 pm.

The day before had a very similar story line. Theme was exactly the same.  Granted - after testing for his dinner of Sweet Frog frozen yogurt with the kitchen sink on top, he did need a few extra units of insulin to cover the high and the yogurt.  Why frozen yogurt for dinner, you ask?  Well...Riley just had his annual physical, the kind at the pediatrician office where they check you out for mundane stuff like myopia. We hadn't been there in almost a year. Riley remembered the parking spot we were in that day, Septemeber 20, 2011. The day he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

It all went well. Better than well. On the way to frozen yogurt paradise, Riley said that was the best doctor appointment he ever had. The doctor swore (without signing a promise note) that Riley would be at least 6 feet tall. After I picked up my jaw from the floor, I asked how he knew that. The dr. asked me how tall my husband was "6 feet right?" Uhhhh ... no, more like 5'9" on a good day. Then he asked about my family. All males are at least 6'4" or 6'5". Oh yeah...Riley is definitely going to be more than a mere 5'9" probably closer to 6 feet!

Riley is the shortest kid in his class except for Sam who is a little shorter but an amazing soccer player so Riley might as well be the shortest. So while all his classmates are possibly done growing or will be in the next year. Riley is just getting started at 5'3". This means the world to him. And he didn't need any booster shots, whew... He did suggest that he could do it himself were they required.

He's now being referred to as LG at our house, Little Giant.


katy said...

Sweet! He's can look forward to being taller than his dad now! (Not to mention most of those classmates.) Go, LG, go!

katy said...

He's??? He. Sorry.

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