Monday, August 20, 2012

Vacation 2012

We're on vacation and have been since Saturday. And still have five
 more nights to go. I'm beside myself.

Sunday: swimming in the bay just after high tide. I'm not sure what that means though it was explained to me in depth. What I do know is that you have to swim pretty hard just to stay near our dock and it's chilly water = fast low. 154 at lunch with five units to cover at 12:41 pm. Swim for 12 minutes about and check bg at 1:19 pm = 74.

Sunday night: ice cream cone. Springer's delicious homemade ice cream. Worth standing in line for and paying a small fortune, too!  Since we're talking about it, I picked the Amaretto Almond- wooo weeee. Daughter's Vanilla Peanut Butter Brownie was close second.

Monday: Inspired by Kadima bg drop from Katy, purchased proKadima set at 5 and dime store here and headed to the beach. No
low go. Not even the jumping waves dropped Riley's bg. Tomorrow
we'll try harder. Surely when he plays against me. Granted I couldn't
get him to draw the lines in the sand to make a real court.

1 comment:

katy said...

you got the best kadima set--the one with the coveted indigo ball!

and i think from your ice cream you're in stone harbor? i think we used to go there or to avalon--is that next door? your beach is beautiful.

i hope you are having (have had?) a lovely vacation.

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