Saturday, September 8, 2012

Varsity Soccer

Tonight was the first home game for the Boys Varsity Soccer team. Riley got it in the game! I was flagged down while working in the concession stand. A sweet friend came in to relieve me of my duties so I could watch him. It was a great game. They won! That's all 3 games WON!

Then I realized that I had relaxed about his games. We didn't review the process before games like we do for practices. Practices are two full hours of running both short and long, constant drills and then scrimmaging. He is supposed to test his bg before he begins and make sure it is between 130 and 150, eating a 15 - 30 g carb snack and drinking Gatorade 2 throughout the practice.

There were no expectations of actually getting to see some game time, so when I got a call half way through the second half from Riley sitting on the bench on the other side of the field, I was concerned. Blood glucose was 119. Pretty good, but not if he went into the game again. I sent a Powerade (35 g of carbs) across the field. He drank it all and didn't get back in the game. When he tested at home around 7:30 pm, his bg was 110.  "It was all the nervous excitement", he said.

I must post a picture of him, but with the new phone/camera, I am having some difficulties. Same reason I didn't post pictures of First Day of School 2012-they're on my husband's phone and something about saving them from his phone to my computer disallows me to rotate clockwise!

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