Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School

It always comes way sooner than I plan. This year, we just arrived home from a week at the beach on Saturday, attended the annual church picnic on Sunday and started school on Monday, August 27.

Both kids were excited to see their friends again all back in one place. Meet their new teachers. Riley started high school, 9th grade, a freshman! Reid, 5th grade.

I began Monday morning at the high school office's front desk. Two days a week this year. It's fun because of all the students coming in and out and hectic because of all the students coming in and out. So, I'm near my kids in case of any emergencies, diabetic or otherwise.

Both kids are playing for the school's soccer team. Riley made the Varsity's reserve team-meaning he can practice with the team and attend the home games. He is in a position to learn so much from a great coach and be ready next year with full playing status! Reid is playing for the middle school team. This year they didn't have enough participation across 6th, 7th and 8th grades, so they opened it up to include the 5th graders. They got 5 interested girls! The schedule is jammed packed. I'm looking forward to a great season for both kids.

first day of school 2006
first day of school 2007
first day of school 2008
first day of school 2009

There's more since we are already in 2012. To be continued...

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