Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012- not exactly a new tradition but close

Our schedule was set.
7 am Make stuffing and refrigerate for travel tomorrow
8 am Parent Teacher Conferences with 6 teachers
11 am Make & roll pie dough
12 pm Make apple pie and bake
1 pm Go see Wreck It Ralph (technical difficulties = Rise of the Guardians)
3 pm Work in Hershey, cancels, drive home in TRAFFIC
5 pm Make pumpkin pie and bake
6 pm Visit children's great grandmother
7 pm Go to church for Thanksgiving Eve service
9 pm Pack car

6 am Drive to Delaware
2 pm Enjoy Ennis Thanksgiving Dinner
Actual schedule:

7 am through 5 pm See Above
6:45 pm Visit great grandmother/grandparents
8:30 pm Visit so long...miss church
9:30 pm Pack food and clothes for early morning departure
11:30 pm Reid pukes
1 am Reid pukes
2 am Reid pukes
3 am Reid pukes
5 am Reid pukes
7 am Reid pukes
8 am Tim goes to store for Ginger Ale and Oyster Crackers and a turkey
9 am Reid pukes
11 am Reid pukes
2 pm Reid pukes
3 pm Tim makes mashed potatoes and sauteed purple cauliflower-items we have in the kitchen. Puts stuffing in the oven-prepared this morning, picks up gravy & cranberry relish from his parents' Thanksgiving meal.
4 pm EAT-just the two of us at the kitchen island

Riley had turkey and pumpkin pie for dinner. Then apple pie for dessert. Hey, it's Thanksgiving. Diabetically speaking, I was very concerned that Riley would get the same stomach bug Reid had. I wanted to check ketones for the first six hours, but Reid doesn't need to have her ketones checked. I did not want this to be our first ketone-related hospitalization. And it wasn't!

 The rest of the eveing we watched The Secret Garden, Mr. Belevedere, & Cheaper by the Dozen all on AMC. 
With all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday unscheduled - we ventured out for a Christmas tree this afternoon when we were sure Reid felt well enough to do it. While we were there, might as well get some Christmas pictures. That's why Riley is wearing a tie and Reid a plaid scarf to match her cute red sweater. We don't normally look this cute when we go on family outings.


katy said...

I'm glad this story ends with an adorable plaid scarf and a christmas tree!

Leighann said...

glad it was a short virus. sounds like you got a vacay from your vacay. :) maybe a little more stressful, but nice and quiet at home. see you this weekend! agh!

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