Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

No! Don't take a picture. And don't think I like this food.
We tried to come up with a New Tradition for Christmas Eve this year. It's the first time we were spending Christmas at our home, just the four of us.
Hibachi Japenese food! Riley tried the yummy salad with the ginger dressing, he tried the soup, he ate some vegetables, he devoured the steak. He did not eat the rice.

He tested before dinner 86. We calculated the carbs = 0 CHO. No insulin! Are you kidding me? We'll eat this once a week or more.

*Side Note: New Year's Resolution #1 - Riley start eating cooked vegetables #2 and rice

After finishing the steak, he tested again - he felt low - 71.

Come on...This was our Christmas Eve Miracle. It started out when he was not happy on arrival of the Japanese restaurant choice. The entertaining griller with his canned tricks softened the head -on -the- table misery. Then he loved it! The steak and the ginger sauce. Typical teen aged mood swing. And now I was searching for a carb. In an attempt to keep the food theme, I asked the waitress for those crunchy noodly things sometimes garnished on the top of Asian food. She informed me that those noodly things are Chinese, not Japanese. Slightly embarrassing.

Riley found some thin peppermint sticks with a chocolate coating normally used to stir in your hot chocolate or coffee in the bottom of his bag. He ate two.  Still shaky.  I tried again. Please Miss Waitress, any crackers? Anything??  "You want peanut butter kind?"
Yes Please.

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