Thursday, March 7, 2013

AEP Meeting

We got called into a meeting for an Adapted Education Plan at Riley's school. I'm not sure why March 7th was the date for this since he was diagnosed almost 1 1/2 years ago. The only thing that stood out during this meeting with all of Riley's teachers sitting in classroom desks in a circle that included the student support teacher, Riley, my spouse and I, was that he was eligible for accomodations but not modifications. Wait...What?? Modifications mean modifications to his grades. I want that! Can I sign him up for that?

I'm pleased with accomodations.
  • Student is permitted to keep all diabetes supplies with him and test during class if he feels low.
  • Student is permitted to eat if necessary.
  • Student is permitted to carry and drink from a water bottle and have access to the restroom.
  • Studnet will be permitted to make up quizzes and tests when missed for diabetes related issues.
  • Teachers will be familiar with Emergency Plan to deal with lows in the classroom
  • Teachers will have Smarties in their classrooms.
But I really want grade modifications.
  • Student sometimes is lousy test taker - increase by one letter grade.
  • Student not so proficient Spanish I - increase by two letter grades.
  • Student forgets to bring study materials home for big History test - give passing grade of any letter.
  • Teachers find student so interesting, witty and pleasant - give A+ whenever possible.


katy said...

Fabulous modifications!

Leighann said...

Where do we sign up for the grade modification?

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