Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things Said While Low

Low caught on camera last week during school.
This is the health room. A buddy walked with Riley
from chapel. Eating goldfish, after fast acting carb.
Riley:  Can I have that knife?
Me:      No
Riley:   Like...forever?
Me:      huh?
Riley:   Well I'm gonna have it. When you are dying, you're gonna call me to you and say "Riley I   want you to have this knife."
Me:      This Cutco paring knife..you want to inherit this?
Riley:   Yes


Riley:   Mom, let's go out on the prowl!
Me:      Huh?
Riley:   Isn't that what you say? You know go out shopping and stuff? I wanna buy some stuff.

1 comment:

Leighann said...

My father in law is hilarious when he's low.

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