Friday, May 24, 2013

Better Than Candy

So tired of lows, I had to find something
 better than candy (say what?) to give Riley
while trying to fall asleep at 113 mg/dL
This week....

 7 am    123
11 am   120
 4 pm      62 - mowing the grass at home after 2:00 pm PE class at school. Eat starburst, tangerine
 6 pm      78 - eat grapes, few pretzels
 9 pm    113 - refuse to eat anything while laying in bed. Tempt with off brand but cheaper Nutella right off the spoon and chocolate almond milk. Only drink half of milk)

7 am    138
11 am  84
5 pm    84
9 pm    80

  7 am     105
11 am      88 - felt low in English class; didn't test,
                       ate Smarties. Apparently was correct.
  5 pm    373 - ate celebratory cupcake in Math class; didn't test or use insulin. Corrected with 6 units.
  6 pm    132 - fast drop. Now doses 8 u for dinner and heads to pre youth group game of football.
                        fumble...laying on the ground...."mom....get me some sugar" Can't find any,
                        already ate the Smarties I packed in his bag this morning. Find 3 cookies in the
                        kitchen, chased by 4 oz give/take Mountain Dew.
11 pm     163

7 am        86
9:30         52  checking messages as I leave a special chapel at the school. Riley left a message.
                      "Hi, mom. I'm in the school office, I felt low. Tested and it was 52. I ate some
                       Starbursts and rechecked. I was 43. Ate some more stuff." I turned around and drove
                       back to school. Called the office. They put him on the phone with me. "I'm ok. It's 108
                       now. The secretary wants me to sit here a few more minutes then I'll head back to
11 am     108 
 2:50              School secretary calls me as I'm walking into a meeting. "Riley felt low again but
                      didn't want to miss his bus. I gave a handful of Reese's peanut butter cups and he
                      ran out. I thought you should know." Oh Lord help me. Help him. I text him.
                      "You ok? Eating candy?" No response. Text my husband. "Riley's low, headed to
                      bus, has some candy, check on him." Oh crapppppppppppp. We took away Riley's
                      phone three weeks ago for lying about his blood glucose numbers. I have no way
                      to know how he is until the bus arrives at our house at 3:20.
3:35               Bus finally arrives, fifteen minutes late. Not because of a diabetic episode  of the
                      cute kid with glasses and dimples. Tim texts me. "He's fine. Eating tangerine."

Why is he riding the bus? Whose idea was that?
Who thought an appropriate punishment for T1D was phone deprivation?
Can I work and text and freak out all at the same time?


Anonymous said...

this is CRAZY!

but i guess also a normal part of having a teenager?

but why is the secretary so involved in deciding how long he should rest, what he should eat, etc?

the only part of this that gave me any mental solace is the look of that chocolaty snack.

Bonni said...

Katy- so glad you asked! Our little private school doesn't have a NURSE. Can you imagine? That's why my husband or I came every day at lunch last year 2011 when Riley was diagnosed. So the front desk secretary handles T1D's who come in and check bg's in the high school. So, for the 2011-2012 school year, I became that person two days a week. Rumor has it - they are hiring an LPN next year. We have 5 T1D's in our school of less than 350.

Anonymous said...

I miss this blog.

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