Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Infusion Set for Two

He was not impressed that I took a cannula bullet with him.
Riley and I went to Pump Education Session on Monday. He was just humoring me by going, but he didn't think it was funny. By the end of the second hour, he was interested in trying out an insulin pump. He even let the Nurse Educator attach an infusion site - not sure if that's the right lingo, is it site or set?

I figured he should try it out on his arm where he prefers to do his injections since he had already tested it out on the belly back in February at our last quarterly Endo appointment.

The nurse was wonderful. We think we met her briefly at our first visit the day after Riley was diagnosed by his pediatrician. This time, she saw Riley's fa├žade of angry teenager and patiently brought out the curious, willing spirit in him.  The doctor was also pretty wonderful. Considering we only see her for about 6 minutes every 4 four months, she actually sat and talked to Riley about how hormones effect insulin absorption. She even had a pat on the back for his mom who teared up when explaining that Riley was so upset by our reactions to high numbers, he'd rather lie. On a side note, his A1c was down. By .1! Yes, that is a point in front of the one. This was the first decrease since he came out of the honeymoon one year ago.

Back to the pump - He thought the t:slim was very cool with it's touch screen technology. Not waterproof, but user friendly was the word on the streets of the pediatric endocrinology clinic. The very coolest thing is that he will be able to try one out at the CWD Friends for Life conference this summer! So, we have officially taken the first step to Insulin Pump attachment: two weeks of food logs to be sure we can carb count with the best of them. Today was day one. If we stay on schedule, we will be able to fax the logs to the nurse on June 17th.

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See you at FFL! Yay!

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