Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diabetes Blog Week - Day 3 "One Thing to Improve"

I was feeling all smug...I just don't have anything we (the boy with T1D and his mother) could do better. As already mentioned, he wears his alert bracelet most of the time, he checks his bg before each meal and bed time (MDI), he is doing his own injections. We go to the Endocrinologist every 3 months and meet with the diabetes nutrition lady, too. Riley is still in the honeymoon phase, so things aren't too hard to manage.

Until dinner time last night. Bg was 326. I was sure this was a he's been playing in the sugar sand box again or fell head first into a bakery supply store. I made him wash his hands (I've heard about this from blogs) and re-test. 318. We sucked it up and he injected 2 units of additional insulin which should have been 3 units and ate dinner and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Then it was 10 pm and he tested before bed. Bg was 243. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! He panicked a little thinking as we always do at a high bg reading that this was it, the end of a partially functioning pancreas. First, we always say, what did you eat? Then we think, maybe this is the end of the honeymoon.

I told him not to worry, we (his parents) aren't worried. There are hundreds of reasons why a number would be high, growth hormones was the only one that I mentioned because it was the only one I could think of...He said, "You guys don't understand, you don't get it the way I do." I appreciated that he thought he could out-worry me because it was HIS diabetes. I liked that. BUT let's get serious, I will always worry more than he will and never in front of his face. I wanted him to know that the people whose job it is to worry in this house, are not worried at this blood glucose reading. Listen up son-of-a-worrier, DO NOT WORRY about it. I think this talk helped. Although, he couldn't sleep until way past 11 and ended up sleeping on our bedroom floor, so maybe not.

He knows as well as we do that the day is coming. All the wishful thinking will not make it go away. The honeymoon has to end.

The One Thing to Improve today is dealing well when that day comes. We're no longer living waiting for the other shoe to drop like we were when he first was diagnosed. We've lulled ourselves into thinking he'll be one of the few who have a little pancreas function like the sweet man I met at a JDRF envelop stuffing event (see March 17, 2012 post-I would link it here for you, but I don't know how). I do believe in a God who heals mind you. But I'm not sure if this is where the miracle will happen.


~Shannon said...

My Jacob is also in the honeymoon phase and I dread the end of it. But, as you said, it is inevitable and we will take it when it comes.

It's natural to worry about high BS but one thing I have learned in the eight years that I have have been dealing with this is: "IT'S JUST A NUMBER". I tell my kids that the number is not "good" or "bad", it just tells us what we need to do. That approach seems to work with us.

At least it helps us to worry a little less...

Bonni said...

Hello Shannon-
First, thank you for your comment! And second, your son, Jacob has been honeymooning for these past 8 years? If yes, I will follow with a slew of additional questions. If no, I will also follow with many questions.
Thanks Again Shannon, I look forward to chatting with you.

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