Monday, May 14, 2012

Diabetes Blog Week - Day One "Find A Friend"

I have been reading blogs regularly since my son, Riley was diagnosed (8 months ago). I found immediate comfort in finding a great blog then reading all the blogs that that original blogger reads. It all started for me at  Sara's

Then I stumbled upon Kerri Sparling's I didn't realize that she was some whiz-bang-long-time-maybe-original-diabetes-blogger-professional. It was her Diabetes Dictionary that I found in a google search looking up words diabetes bloggers always use like SWAG and bolus (we're MDI'ers). It had me laughing out loud and reading the entire dictionary to my husband who was trying to work. I just re-read it and still find it hilariously funny see: diabadass, daibetus and diablandic. Now I never miss her blogs thanks to RSS feed or whatever technical thing that sends me her updates as soon as they arrive.

And that all lead me to my ALL TIME FAVORITE, can't stop talking like she blogs, read it in the middle of the night in case I missed it during daylight hours Everyone needs some Katy in their life!

These blogs made a difference in my life. The more I read other people's blogs, I see the same impact they've made on me in other's lives. Specifically, I see hope and find courage. My perspective is so limited, I only know what we were taught in Diabetes Education classes and how it went for Riley's bg numbers last week or that time in October...I'm so grateful for the blogosphere lessons I'm learning and the experience I'm gaining through someone else I have never met.

It would be embarrasing if I saw any of these women in real life...I may be arrested as a too-long-hugger or something creepy like that.


Briley said...

Hi! I'm so glad that DBlog Week has brought me to your blog!! This: "whiz-bang-long-time-maybe-original-diabetes-blogger-professional" reminds me of when I asked Kerri if her doctors know she's a celebrity? I never did get an answer, but she did laugh at me!

Bonni said...

Hi Briley...I find your handle very interesting(my son's name is Riley B.)! I've been reading your blog and enjoying it. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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