Saturday, May 12, 2012

Undefeated and Defeated

Spring soccer will not defeat me!

He hates it when his hair looks like that
-I couldn't resist

It started with me laying in bed this morning. It always starts that way. "Riley don't take any insulin with your breakfast," I say. He says, "Dad told me to do just one unit." (half of his normal dosage) "No, none" I reply.

8:15 am before the game 86 mg/dL
He played the entire first game, 90 minutes. And scored a goal. His team actually won this game, first and only win of the 6 week season.

10 am just before the second game grudgingly tested  253 mg/dL
I turned to my spouse and said something like woo that's high BUT that number is a dropping as we speak.

11:30 am - tested before eating lunch  149 mg/dL 
The second 90 minute game dropped his blood glucose by more than 100. He had a salad and two large slices of pizza with one unit of insulin.  BTW, his team lost that game in similar fashion to every other Saturday morning these past six weeks, except Riley had another goal.

1 pm - heading to the shower, laughing and yelling and possibly dancing around ridiculously. Spouse and I looked at each other and then I ran down to get his kit. Riley said NOOOOOO! and jumped in the shower. I set up the lancet poker thingy (and while cleaning out the kit, poked my finger with a stray lancet, but can't complain right...once every 4 months I injure myself with a lancet or sharp somehow, not eight times a day minimum like he has to)
When he got out of the shower  68 mg/dL 

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